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Microfiber cleaning cloth


The Full Story

You live or work daily in the premises or houses where we clean. We provide cleaning with effective cleaning products. Choose from maintenance with high-quality products to not harm the health of those dear to you.

Crafted Locally, For You
Elevate Your Home with Ottawa's Premier Cleaning Service

Cleaning Solutions proudly hails from Ottawa and Gatineau areas, infusing a people-centered approach to Canadian cleaning excellence. Founded to cater to local needs, our streamlined cleaning concept has resonated with residents, propelling our swift expansion across our beloved Ottawa, Gatineau region.

We're excited to collaborate with exceptional cleaning professionals across Ottawa and Gatineau  areas.


Each member of our diligent cleaning team is carefully selected and vetted, ensuring your home receives the meticulous care it deserves. With a fusion of expertise, warmth, insurance coverage, and a dedication to simplifying your life, we invite you to secure your appointment online or reach out to us at +1 (819) 319-2371


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